Kill The Apostrophe

This website is for those who want to remove the apostrophe from the English language, on the basis that it serves only to annoy those who know how it is supposed to be used and to confuse those who dont.

I was provoked into setting up this website by the (mostly) unreasoned comments on this article. Many of the calls to defend traditional apostrophe usage are little more than unthinking superstition. Its right because its right, runs the argument, failing to engage with the fact that its arbitrary. I suspect a lot of peoples prejudices on this matter are probably inculcated by humiliation at an early age, and leave victims frightened of the terrible social consequences they thereafter imagine will follow from deviating from the standard – this then becomes a self-reinforcing loop as they leap upon other peoples apostrophe ‘misuse’ like it matters, which it doesnt. The fact is that apostrophes are redundant and consume considerable time and resource and wed be better off without em.

Yes, there are a couple of functional arguments in favour of what the apostrophe does in some limited cases. Scroll down for why I think they can safely be ignored.

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