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This page is created to inform readers about the need for an apostrophe and also why we do not need it. Several examples of phrases and sentences prove that apostrophe adds inconsistency in the writing format when the message can be delivered easily without its need.

Most of them dont add anything useful

Here is a list of examples that explain why using apostrophe only adds the chances of making an error in the essay or report. Learn how to write sentences without the need for an apostrophe.

George Bernard Shaw did it and so can you

George Bernard explained how using apostrophe can create disturbance in the minds of the readers with the examples you can find here.

Many apostrophes are really only there for condescension

Apostrophes have always been used to highlight the importance of a word in sentences, which the writers have started abusing lately.

Even where an apostrophe can add something useful

The sentences will seem unique and authentic if the writers resist the urge to highlight certain words. The presence of apostrophes can deliver the wrong message to the readers.

Why Kill The Apostrophe ?

Learn about our programs that people are aware of the apostrophe’s right use and why the current writing format on the internet does not require it.

Plural Possessives

Plural possessives are formed by adding an apostrophe when a noun ends in s. It makes reading a bit tricky, which is unnecessary for the readers to deal with.

Abolish Apostrophe

Learn about our programs and how you can help us in reaching the right platforms to aware people about the abolishment of the apostrophe.

Yeah Lets Kill

You can also support us by sharing our message with your friends and on social media. Let us be the actual grammar police for the betterment of reading and writing.

Say It Aint So - The Movement to Kill the Apostrophe

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Some Common Mistakes And Problems That People Encounter When Using Apostrophes And Other Punctuation Marks

Punctuation Marks

Punctuation marks are one of the most important things when it comes to reading and writing. Punctuation makes sense of what is written. Punctuation is one of the most essential things when you are forming sentences. When you utilise the correct punctuation marks, anyone who is reading your work will be able to understand what you’re trying to convey. If you are somebody who is in a business, it will help boost your business, because using punctuations correctly will make you come off as someone who is learned. Using punctuation incorrectly will actually make your work, or your book look like a very sore thumb. Even if people do not pinpoint the mistakes, sometimes, it is ignored, but it will make you look like you have no idea what you are doing. That is why, punctuation is essential.

It is pivotal that you check your writing, before you publish it or show it to people. You should avoid all kinds of common punctuation errors so that you do not inadvertently alienate the ones who really want to read your material. There are some people who will be very loyal to you, but, there are some people who are checking your book or your workout for the first time. When they find mistakes, they feel that you haven’t put much effort into it. I feel that knowing how to use punctuation marks is one of the most basic things about reading or writing the English language.


People make use of apostrophes where they do not belong. Apostrophes are not exactly that hard to place. In a lot of cases, you will want the plural form of the word, that is why you will have to add and “s” to the word. You should be adding the’, only if you need the possessive form. An example of that would be: “This is my friend’s bike”.

Did you notice where I have placed the apostrophe?

Apostrophes are also made use when it comes to contractions like “wouldn’t” for “would not”.


You should also do as much as you can, to avoid the unnecessary use of quotation marks. Some people have no idea how to use quotation marks. The use of a single or a double quotation mark when nothing is being quoted is a significant error when it comes to grammar. If you are not quoting something or somebody, you should not use even a single or a double quotation mark. If you are interested in emphasising something or a specific part of your message, you should use the bold option, or you should italicise the font.

You should know where to place commas, and we are not to place them.

I support the cause as it has been seen as a medical problem among readers to misinterpret the use of the apostrophe.
Patricia P. Pressley
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